Watch the Debate! Paula Shows Why She is the Best Choice for the 12th!

14523101_1437880636240351_1444689103830914806_nHere in Southern Illinois, we are fortunate that some of our news media have taken the position that if a candidate gets on the ballot, he or she deserves to be included in any debates. Kudos to the Southern Illinoisan, the Belleville News-Democrat and WSIU. As a result, Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw was able to DEMONSTRATE to voters why we need Greens in Congress and other public office. In this debate, voters were able to see and hear a candidate who addressed the issues with substance, not generalities. She stood out as the candidate who:

– Explained why wealth inequality in America has become a critical issue, fueling rampant political corruption;

– Actually discussed the issue of our nation’s involvement in illegal, immoral and horribly expensive wars, and how cutting our “defense” budget in half, and spending money on programs of social uplift, is not only feasible but essential;

– Exposed the folly of “no fly, no buy,” launching into an impassioned call for the restoration of civil liberties and privacy in America;

– Explained how the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens national sovereignty and our ability to protect ourselves from attacks on labor and the environment;

– Linked the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan to the terrible heroin epidemic that is destroying so many lives in our country from addiction and street violence;

– Addressed the immigration issue by explaining how NAFTA and U.S. support for a coup in Honduras were the real drivers of immigration from the south, causing miserable conditions in Mexico and Central America;

– Called for a Green New Deal to establish full employment in the U.S. at a living wage;

– Explained how tuition-free college education in America is not “pie in the sky”;

– Called for a single-payer, improved Medicare for All health-care system; and

– Explained that the political movement behind Bernie Sanders’ quest for the White House demonstrated popular support for social-democratic policies in the U.S. – a movement we can continue by voting Green.

If you live in Southern Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, watch the debate and see for yourself why Paula Bradshaw is the best candidate. If you live elsewhere, see for yourself why you should vote for other Green Party candidates – the candidates who represent YOUR values, YOUR priorities and real government of, by and for THE PEOPLE, not just the wealthy and privileged.
[Note: At this link, at least as currently edited, the debate starts at about 22 minutes in.]