The Un-Debate

Join us Thursday evening for an “un-debate” and spaghetti dinner!
One of Paula Bradshaw’s opponents, Mike Bost, was “too busy” for a proposed televised debate on September 25th. He has an appointment at 7pm this Thursday that he just couldn’t break, even with two months notice.

That’s odd. What could be more important to someone asking to represent this district in Congress than to publicly answer questions posed to all three candidates, so that voters can make an informed choice? Must have been really important!

But that’s okay. Let’s not get him upset. He might throw another tantrum!

Instead, on Thursday, September 25th, you can meet Paula for an “un-debate” and spaghetti dinner fundraiser, in which you can ask the questions and hear Paula’s answers. At the Gaia House, 913 S Illinois Ave, Carbondale, downstairs, 5-7 p.m. Suggested donation just $5 – because we want you to meet Paula!

Afterwards, please join us in heading over to the Civic Center to help support Green Party State Rep candidate Gary Shepherd. There will be a debate between his two opponents there but the debate sponsors are allowing him to make a statement afterwards. We can make a show of support by helping distribute his flyers and by just being there. Please wear green!