Debate Cancellation Doesn’t Serve The Voters

Paula Bradshaw calls for debate with Bill Enyart even if Bost refuses to show.
Bradshaw says: “Debate cancellation doesn’t serve the voters.”
Says debate should continue with herself and Bill Enyart, even if Bost refuses to show.
The Paula Bradshaw for Congress campaign issued the following statement today after learning that a televised debate scheduled for September 25th had suddenly been canceled, after Republican candidate Mike Bost informed organizers that he had a conflict that evening:

The Southern Illinoisan, WSIU, and the Belleville News Democrat have been planning three debates for the candidates for U.S. Representative in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois. On July 22nd, all candidates agreed to hold the first one on Sept. 25th.

On August 25th, Mike Bost announced that he had a “scheduling conflict” and was unable to make it to the debate next month. He did not explain why he agreed to the date last month, if he had a conflict.

Instead of holding Mr. Bost accountable for his promise, the debate sponsors cancelled the debate. While Paula Bradshaw appreciates the sponsors’ efforts to host the debates in the first place, she does not believe that this was an appropriate response.

As Mr. Bost pointed out in June, when he publicly challenged incumbent Bill Enyart to twelve debates: “The issues facing our country are too important for voters not to have multiple venues to hear the candidates,” Bost said. “I am calling on Bill Enyart to commit to a series of debates in each county — allowing voters to see and hear the candidates first-hand. Anything less is a lost opportunity.”

Paula Bradshaw agrees with Mike Bost on this issue. The opportunity for the voters to hear the candidates should not be lost. The best way for voters to make an informed choice on Election Day is to have opportunities to hear the candidates state their positions on the issues and explain why they would better represent the people than the other candidates. A debate is the best format for this purpose.

Paula Bradshaw challenges Bill Enyart to show up for the previously scheduled debate on Sept. 25th, to debate even if Mike Bost refuses to participate, and respectfully calls on the sponsors to reconsider their cancellation of the event.